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Our Programs YLDMAdmin June 1, 2022

EYLTDS’ Award Dinner 2022

The purpose of this spectacular event is to celebrate the success of the youth, and to motivate responsibility and resilience among them. EYLTDS’ has the mandate to facilitate our youth’s academic journey, and we want to support them in their challenges, as well as reward their excellence.

Below are our renowned speakers taking on the topics of youth academic success at our event, take a look at their profiles!

This is not an event you would like to miss!

EYLTDS’ Youth Check Up Meeting

In this meeting, EYLTDS gathered the youths in the community to check in with how their summer is progressing. They discussed the importance of having an enjoyable summer, balanced with proper nutrition and exercise, as well as discussing ways on how they’d like to improve the rest of their summer. As a fun additive measure, they also all had an interesting time cracking some jokes! It was an amazing meeting to get the youths to mingle and make new friends, as well as allowing them to learn from others!


EYLTD’S Inauguration

Empower Youth Live the Dream Services will be hosting their Inauguration event to start the organization’s operations. During this event, there will be presentations, debates, speeches and more! All to highlight the great work of youth and the more to come. Below are the pictures from the event!


Presentation on the Importance on Helping the Youths by Prosper!
Debate on How Social Media is a Greater Barrier for our Youth's Success by Faith!
EYLTD'S President's Address by Paul!

EYLTDS’ First Meeting – Online Forum

Empower Youth Live the Dream Services held a zoom meeting to amplify the voice of the youth in the community by discussing the important topic of dreams and goals. 




Eliminate Youth Academic Stressors Workshop:
  • Identify elements of stressors through dialog with experts (Some youth are at lost on what is their stressors)
  • Develop strategy to overcome challenges through skill initiatives (Youth that lack the skills on how to confront their challenges)
  • Achieve successes through implementation of initiatives with follow-up by mentors (Regular follow-ups that lead to great motivation to stay on track)
Empower Parents to Empower Children Overcome School Overwhelms Forum:
  • New immigrant parents meet and greet interactive forum with peers already in the community (Familiarize parents with the school system through listening and answering question sections)
  • Showing parents the available resources and their roles in children’s education (It can be overwhelming to know what is available in the community especially where there is language or cultural barriers) 
  • Pairing parents with comfortable peers to relate with, for an ongoing supports and adjustments to the new environment (Some parents maybe interested to work with people of the same religion or language in the community)
What does Youth Success look like in the Real World Symposium?
Areas of concentrations:
  • Highlighting different kinds of success from various points of view (Example: Arts, Entrepreneurship, and Professionalism etc.)
  • Encouragement and Motivation for youth to follow goals and dreams by Experts (Self-esteem and Self-Determination will be emphasized)