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YLDS will engage and position our youth to succeed using the strategy of IDA
Our Services YLDMAdmin June 1, 2022

I for Identification of dreams; sometimes dreams and goals can be verge or ambiguous, Ylds will organize workshops, symposiums,s or training with experts, youth, and families to address issues.
Objectives will be to Identify strength

  • Identify weakness
  • Identify barriers and courses
  • Identify confusion
  • Identify possible solution
D for developing strategy and plans to move forward:; Based on individual circumstances Ylds will work on one to one or as a group to counter every barrier, for example:
  • Lacking the motivation to stick with noble dreams and goals, Ylds will use skillful counselors to instill courage and motivation.
  • Distraction from pear-pressure, the youth will be given the tool to steer off from such distraction by introducing them to different types of activities.
  • Oppression from school such as bullying, harassment or intimidation from fellow students or the authorities, Ylds will devote time and resources to advocate for the youth by reaching out to the school authorities and requesting to see their policies against such instances as well as demand for a change. Depending on the outcome, the next line of action will be initiated but YLDS will not relent until issues are resolved.
  • Poverty and the stress that goes with it: Ylds will seek out financial resources as per government programs and other supports system the youth may not be aware of, furthermore, we will find other ways to mitigate the impact such as initiating a program on his or her behalf.
  • Mental health issues: Ylds will engage various experts like social workers, counselors etc to support this individual
A is for achievement: a constant follow-up is needed to enhance achievement therefore Ylds will work with the youth to create a timetable for progress assessment.

It could be monthly, quarterly, or six months intervals depending on the goal, sometimes it might be necessary to introduce some rewards to sensitize the youth for proper action.

At this point, there will be a mentor who will be working closely with this youth.


Celebration of achievement:

there will be periodically a celebration of achievement during which families, friends and the community will come together to rejoice with these youth and thereby encourage others not to relent.

Climate change and environmental engagement:

Because youth of this generation do not want to sit idle and watch while our environment is decimated by climate change, YLDS will periodically organize Youth climate action (YCA) to articulate their concerns and possible solutions.

Purpose: To make North York youth’s voice heard.


Youth Covid-19 coping assessment:

Since covid is still here with us mutating in different strain, YLDS will use this medium to ascertain the support youth will need to thrive in the pandemic era.

Other social events aimed at encouraging youth to succeed:

  • o After school pressures realize (aka. After school program)
  • Summer with friends and peers (aka. Summer camp)
  • YLDS picnic with neighborhood families
  • End of the year dreams and goals, stock taking and New Year initiatives with loved ones.
  • ETC.

Model of our service delivery: In person and virtual (Hybrid)