A Change within Me YLDMAdmin January 20, 2021

A Change within Me

Have you ever thought your life is being a mess? Do you feel restless? Do you feel conscious about what others might think of you? Just relax life always comes with ups and downs and that’s a part of growth. The beauty in falling and then standing up again is so beautiful. We sometimes feel miserable, gloomy, and sad but remember it’s a process to make you realize what happiness is. Best satisfaction and happiness come after you take over all your misery.

For many years of my life I was lost there was no light, no hope. My parents used to fight a lot that really gave me a hard time. My personal life shattered. I was just 13 my whole world was illuminating before my eyes. I was so much in darkness that I was feeling like I am the Blackhole of my universe. Depression took over me, even my tears dried off. That time I used to pray a lot and it was then I got introduced to BTS. The energy they gave me was just something different.

My life slowly started changing before my eyes. I started smiling genuinely. I started loving myself. Life is not easy for anyone, there were times I was lost I lost the purpose of my life but now I realised the purpose is to stay happy. Do what makes you genuinely happy without stressing yourself by thinking about what others will say. Remember these others can never do what you can do for yourself.

The whole world is there to criticize you until you won’t stop criticizing yourself. Stressing for something is just like planting a flower that will never bloom into a dream that will never come true. Don’t stress yourself because of your appearance. Don’t worry if you are fat or you are too skinny, there is no need to be perfect. No One Is Perfect. Love your imperfections Cherish your disabilities that’s what makes you different.

Let me tell you a short story to make you realize this concept of depression and stress. There was a man, he kept two lambs, equally healthy in two different cages. he used to give the same amount of food and milk to both of the Lambs however there was also a wolf kept in a different cage in the same place and one of the lambs was aware of the wolf and the other one wasn’t. Time passed and the man realized the one who had seen the wolf is slowly becoming weak and miserable while the other was looking so healthy and contented despite the fact that both were given equal treatment, food, and milk.

He came to the conclusion that it’s not food or something else but it’s the fear of the wolf that made the lamb so miserable. I hope I’m able to convey what I am trying to make you realize. Don’t grow the seed of stress into your mind, leave your past maybe you have made a lot of mistakes in the past don’t ponder over it, leave it and move on but remember to learn from your mistakes. When someone makes mistakes in front of you encourage them to move on. When someone is trying to change you should always motivate them rather than remind them of past mistakes.

Start forgiving not always others but yourself too and believe me this is the most beautiful thing that can happen to you ever. Find peace in small things, live your life to the fullest as if it’s your last. Be someone’s reason to smile, Be satisfied with yourself then what your life is much better in this way this is a big world and there are so many people, good and bad always resides side by side. Just like each part of a body is important for everyone, good and evil are also a part of life. Each and everyone is for a purpose there is good because of the existence of evil, accept these values, accept yourself.

Light up the rooms of your hearts, paint them with colors and open them for everyone we all are human and we all have some basic social responsibilities towards each other, we are all connected to each other, we are made of each other. Love is a Universal phenomenon that connects not only humans but even animals with humans. We love our pets, care for species. Love is a connection between all of us which transcends language, color, caste, religion, class, and all other boundaries. So start loving yourself, start loving each other to make this world the most beautiful and peaceful place.

We are one in this Universe

Coldplay x BTS
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